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From the Wry-Town Hilton

May 27, 2010

Here’s Chuck Schumer, one of the most successful politicians of his generation, a guy with $22 million in the bank and no opponent, pleading with conventioneers to remember his hard work. “My friends, please know this, please: I will never, ever stop listening to you or working as hard as I can for you … I will work as hard as I can with every bone in my body to earn your vote every single day, election year or not…and I will never give up doing so.” 

Here’s Tom DiNapoli, bullied for the last three years by the AG’s office in the placement agent investigation, insisting that he would not be: “the governor’s comptroller, but the people’s controller.”    

Here’s Andrew Cuomo saying that his LG candidate “has done for Rochester what we need to do for the state.”  (Rochester lost more than 6 percent of its population since 2000. It lost 9 percent of its manufacturing jobs last year. And its unemployment rate for most of the last three years has been well above the national average.) 

Here’s Shelly Silver, still bristling from stories planted by the Cuomo camp that he (Silver) may be on the way out, stressing how well he’s working personally with Andrew: “I’ve worked with him – not staff – on matters that needed to be addressed.”   

Here’s a well known reporter, teasing Cuomo operatives about the lack of diversity on their ticket, “So how do you think your Klan rally is going so far?”

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