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And the GOP Response

May 24, 2010

They had six months to prepare for a response to the launch of Andrew Cuomo’s candidacy and the best the Republicans could do was this? A nutty statement that likens Cuomo to a monarch butterfly coming out its cocoon? 

Come on, guys. You can do better than that.  Yes, Cuomo has a big lead, but anything can happen. That’s the lesson of recent history. People who have looked invincible crashed and burned in New York. 

You need to show real competence and style over the next six months. When in doubt about what to say, go back to a reiteration of Republican principles. This weekend was an opportunity to do that very thing.  Wasn’t Cuomo embracing Republican ideas?  Of course, he was. From property taxes to pension reform, he’s adopted them completely. So why not point that out? 

Wasn’t Cuomo, with his litany of problems facing the state, indicting Democrats who control every aspect of state government? Of course, he was. So use his words to make the point that the Dems have had their chance and blown it.

Wasn’t Cuomo, with his slick video and “New, New York Agenda” completely re-inventing himself? Why not tease him about that? It’s fair game. Can’t you  quickly compare some of his past positions with his new found conservative approach? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see just how he’s evolved? And while you’re at it, you might want to check Mario Cuomo’s past State of the State addresses. Didn’t he propose a New, New York Agenda at one point, too?   

The bottom line is that there are all kinds of legitimate things to do other than silly name calling.

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  1. mark Keister permalink
    May 24, 2010 11:09 AM

    . . . but silly is as silly does. Lethargic, bloated, incapbable, bufoons – and they can still win.

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