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Too Weird

May 14, 2010

Here’s pinstriped Larry Kudlow gushing about two guests on his talk show: “These are two of the most accomplished Wall Streeters ever … Oh, the sagacity in this room today!”

He was speaking about none other than Richard Grasso and Ken Langone — two chaps who pretty much looted the New York Stock Exchange, got caught by Eliot Spitzer, and then became Spitzer’s arch-enemies.

Grasso and Langone were on Kudlow’s CNBC show to defend the financial sector against opportunistic politicians such as Spitzer and President Obama. 

Kudlow then began a rant against Andrew Cuomo, whom he said was going to ruin the nation’s banking system. Cuomo’s recently announced a lawsuit linking investment banks to the Bernie Madoff scam. The suit was “an outrage,” according to Kudlow. 

But then something bizarre happened: Langone came to Cuomo’s defense. 

Langone: “I’ve talked to him and he’s assured me that job creation is going to be his top priority as governor.”   

Kudlow: “And you believe him?” 

Langone: “Yes. He’s told me many times that we’ve got to do things differently.” 

Kudlow: “How many times have you talked to him? You really believe him?” 

Langone: “Many times. We’ve had many conversations in which he’s made his priorities clear to me…he’s going to be the next governor and I think he’s focused on the right things.” 

Kudlow was incredulous and turned to Grasso for backup on the point that Cuomo’s lawsuit was “dangerous.” But Grasso made it clear that Spitzer was the bad guy, not Cuomo. 

A few questions arise from this little episode: 

Is Cuomo close to these people? If so, for how long has he been close? Was he talking to them when he was considering what to do about the Grasso lawsuit his office was handling?  Was he talking to them during their feud with Spitzer? Why is it that they know about Cuomo’s campaign priorities, but nobody else does? Does Cuomo have his priorities firmly established? If so, what is he waiting for in announcing them?

This is just too weird.

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