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Cuomo in Tights

May 11, 2010

There’s a silly Terry Gilliam movie from the 80’s called Time Bandits. In it, Robin Hood and his merry men are portrayed as thoroughly disdainful of the peasants for whom they are champions. In one scene, Little John runs up to Robin and says: “Robin, the peasants are revolting!” And Hood, played by John Cleese, says in response: “Yes, they are. They’re simply nauseating.”

At NT2, we’re fans of our state’s current Attorney General, but sometimes we see him in green tights acting with contempt toward the citizens of the state who hold him in such high regard.

How else should one interpret his current posture of refusing to campaign? 

We wish Cuomo well. We want him to succeed as governor. But we’re appalled by the game he and his people are now playing. It’s pure arrogance. When you engage them, they say: “Hey, it’s working for us. Take a look at that Marist poll today. We’re doing just fine. Why mess with a good thing?”

The answer is that Cuomo owes it to the people of the state to explain what he intends to do as governor. Moreover, he needs to build a consensus for the tough decisions ahead.

We’re told that Cuomo has been using the extra time to bring himself up to speed on policy matters and also to develop new approaches to the state’s problems and that soon, very soon, we’ll be impressed by what he announces. 

That’s terrific, but we still feel like peasants.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 11, 2010 4:24 PM

    Yes, Cuomo owes us a full program for how he will fix things as Governor, but I don’t agree that it has to be now. Now, we need a budget and only the people in office now can produce that. Campaigns tend to go on too long. There is still plenty of time for a full campaign and a full debate, based one can only hope, on substance rather than nonsense. I’m tired of campaigns about nothing or foolishness. If Cuomo provides a clear vision and a plan to get there, I for one won’t feel like a peasant, even if I had to wait until after the conventions.

  2. hackflak permalink
    May 11, 2010 5:59 PM

    New York state government is bad enough without having a shadow government. Were Cuomo to announce during the budget debacle, the knee-jerk media would make the normal round of calls to the governor and house leaders, then another round of calls to Cuomo and other gubernatorial hopefuls. Then Paterson, Shelly and Whoever Is In Charge in the Senate Today would have their pick of responding to one another or the candidates for governor. It is the elected government’s job to negotiate the budget, not the wannabes who may or may not be candidates today, and may or may not be candidates tomorrow. Whilst if would be fun for the media and enrich the state’s history of dysfunction, it does nothing to promote good government. There is a difference between governing and campaigning. The longer we can limit the former in the latter, the less confusing it (might) be.


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