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Plan B for Ed Cox

May 2, 2010

Over the weekend, Republican ranks were buzzing about a possible “Plan B”
from State Chair Ed Cox. Cox upset many in the Republican ranks with his
recruitment of a Democrat to head the party ticket. Cox’ belief was that
Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy would immediately outshine Rick Lazio
and that party leaders would unite around the Levy candidacy. Not so. Levy
has been a hard sell to the party faithful and there’s even been talk of
ousting Cox.

In response, Cox allies have been floating the possibility of Lazio-Levy
ticket, with Levy reprising Dick Ratvich’s role as budget czar.  Top party
officials are thinking seriously about the idea, but Team Lazio is less than
enthusiastic. In fact, they’ve bristled at the notion that their man would
need a co-governor. “Rick’s no David Paterson,” they say.

Still, a united front would help Republicans take advantage of what internal
polls say is a window of opportunity against Andrew Cuomo. In the latest
polls, Cuomo is seen by a majority of  voters as an “establishment
Democrat.” (Could this explain Cuomo’s anti-Dem rhetoric in Niagara Falls?)


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