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Skelos Mojo

April 28, 2010

After being nearly invisible for an extended period, Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos has been making the rounds recently and appears to have found his mojo. 

His challenge is to provide a principled foundation for the apparent Republican strategy of withholding votes for anything the Democratic majority wants to do. (The reason for this strategy should be obvious – the worse the Democrats look, the better the chances for the Republicans to regain power in the fall.)

Skelos, who usually appears very uncomfortable in interviews, is much improved. Authoritatively and convincingly, he is saying three key things: 

  1. Under no circumstances will the Senate GOP vote for a budget with tax increases because it is bad for the state economy.
  2. The Democrats who control everything in New York have really mucked things  up.
  3. Republicans should be returned to power as a check on the Dem’s mismanagement of state government.

The fact that the Republicans are finding themselves after struggling with their own scandals and a lengthy period of ideological drift is a good thing. Skelos, not Ed Cox, is the leader of this party. And all Republicans will benefit if Skelos can clearly state the policy differences between the two parties.

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