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Rough Justice

April 15, 2010

Perhaps the most disconcerting revelation in the new book about Eliot Spitzer is the fact that he was patronizing prostitutes well before he was governor.

Somehow or other we had partially rationalized his conduct by thinking it was a manifestation of the pressures of his office. We assumed that he’d cracked, and turned to hookers like another man might turn to drink.

Now it’s clear that he was doing his thing in 2006 when he was Attorney General. This was the time when everything was going well for him. He was sky-high in the polls and was basking in the adulation of New Yorkers.

The fact that he was engaging in such conduct while running for governor and declaring his intention to set higher ethical standards in Albany is deeply troubling. It means that he was a fraud, and virtually no one saw through his deception.

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