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Enough Already

April 12, 2010

Rather than allowing themselves to continually be portrayed as the voice of “the corporate elite,” the folks at Business Council have finally started to wise up. They’ve launched a campaign to win the support of ordinary New Yorkers.

Check out:

OK, the site is a little bit hokey, but so what? The point is well taken.

For years, the Business Council ceded the populist ground to the unions, which claimed to be representing working families, while driving policies that harmed them.

At issue is the political activity of SEIU 1199, NYSUT, and public employee unions, which each year spend millions on lobbying. These organizations have been the driving force in New York State government for higher taxes and spending. Sure the unions fight for their members, as they should, but their incredible success in recent years has been at the expense of all the rest of the working families in New York.

The consequences of union-dominated public policy in New York have been devastating. Our state simply isn’t competitive. It is a terrible place to do business. Our job creation rate is among the lowest in the nation. And almost every parent now expects their children to have to move away in search of economic opportunity.

Perhaps this campaign by the Business Council will be the beginning of a process that results in more balanced public policy in New York.

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