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Monday Morning with the Guys

March 29, 2010

As they stood before the mirror this morning and tied their ties, the leaders of state government had different thoughts:

Shelly Silver: “What the hell is the Governor thinking? More cuts? What about his friends and former colleagues in Senate? Does he know what he’s doing to them? They’ll never muster the votes for something like this. This will be the end of the majority in the Senate and it will drag us all down.”

John Sampson: “I thought Shelly had this thing wired. Some cuts and the Ravitch plan would get us out of here. Now what?”  

David A. Paterson: “Hah. Silver and Sampson must be pissing their pants. Serves them right. They never treated me with respect. Well, payback is a bitch, fellas.”  

Dean Skelos: “This is great. The Dems are looking worse each day. I don’t have to do anything — just keep saying: “No taxes. No spending cuts.”

Richard Ravitch: “I really don’t need this. The Governor begged me to help, and now he and his people are crapping on me.”

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