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Silver Medal

March 23, 2010

The Assembly today will advance a budget resolution that mirrors the surprisingly tough resolution passed by the Senate yesterday.

It includes cuts in education and health care funding, and rejects a host of taxes and fees proposed by Governor Paterson.

Many who closely follow politics at the Capitol are stumbling for words. Is it real? Are they going to follow through?

Apparently so. It goes back to what NT2 reported last week about Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver taking the lead in budget discussions. Silver urged his fellow Democrats in the State Senate to bite the bullet, and to do it now. He promised that his house would follow suit, and that’s exactly what appears to be happening.

By Albany standards, this is extraordinary. For the first time in decades, the two houses will reject tax increases and cut spending, and adopt a timely budget.

And they’ll do it without a haranguing governor (in fact, Paterson has been invisible), without the incentive of a pay raise, or a full-blown catastrophe.  

OK, there’ll be some who try to pick apart this budget. The Senate Republicans are already complaining that it doesn’t include structural reforms and was negotiated in secret. And others will be upset by increased borrowing.

This is where NT2 separates itself from others. We simply do not believe in making the perfect be the enemy of the good.

This is a very good development.

This is Silver – de facto governor of the State of New York — getting it done.

He deserves a medal. A Silver Medal.

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