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Note to Dems regarding Steve Levy

March 19, 2010

Go ahead and crap on him. He’s a traitor. He’s a sellout. He’s terrible on the issues. (A bigot, don’t ya know.)  

Never mind the fact Levy turned his county finances around in the middle of a recession.

Never mind the fact he gets himself elected with higher winning margins than just about anyone in the game.

Nah, he’s a real bad man. And just so everyone knows it, trot out your most entrenched party leaders to make that very point.

Yeah, go right ahead and criticize him for bolting a party that has thoroughly mucked up state government over the last several years.

You know best. You’re reading your own polls and you know that from Governor Paterson on down, the Dems are really held in high regard right now.

Levy’s doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he says: “The people of New York are looking for more than a party, they’re looking for a plan.”

Levy’s terribly upset by all your criticisms. He is, really.

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