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Open Letter to DAP

March 19, 2010

Dear Governor Paterson:

For your own good and the good of the state, shut up!

Every time you talk about the domestic abuse investigation, you make your problems worse.

Don’t you get it? Nobody wants to see another governor driven from office. It will only mean further chaos in New York at a time when state government needs to focus on its fiscal problems.

Attorney General Cuomo punted the case. His people are trying to give you cover to finish your term. But you can’t control yourself. You’re compelled to make stupid comments to the media, like the claim that you were the one responsible for revealing your telephone call to Ms. Booker.

What is it? You didn’t think the NY Times would call you on an obvious lie? You think nobody is paying attention?

Please Governor, listen to your lawyer. Stop talking about the case.



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