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Steve, Andrew, and Eliot

March 18, 2010

In 2006, when Eliot Spitzer was cruising to victory in the gubernatorial race, some savvy Republicans were saying that he had “a glass jaw.” They never laid a glove on him during the race, but later on, it became obvious that he could not handle sustained pressure. 

There are now similar questions about Andrew Cuomo’s ability to handle the pressure of a competitive campaign. He did not acquit himself well in his previous gubernatorial campaign against Carl McCall, and now seems to be almost desperate to avoid the start of a new campaign.

Enter Steve Levy, Suffolk County Executive, a Democrat, who may wind up being the GOP nominee. Yes, it’s ridiculous the GOP can’t muster a top tier candidate of its own, but in Levy they have someone who is scrappy and tough. In Levy, they have someone who will throw himself into the race and really pressure Cuomo.

And guess what? This could be a good thing. It’s not just the political junkie in us that makes NT2 want a competitive race.  It’s imperative that we see prospective leaders put through the fire of a real campaign. As Mario Cuomo once wrote: “The way you campaign is a statement about the way you will govern.”

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