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Are you be-FUD-dled by FUD?

March 11, 2010

FUD is Frederic U. Dicker, the legendary New York Post columnist. He’s the dean of the Albany correspondents, and, truth be told, he’s accomplished a great deal in his long career. But in recent years, FUD has befuddled many with what can only be described as mood swings on New York pols.

For example, when David Paterson came into office, FUD said he’d be “the greatest governor since Al Smith” and “a man of the people” who was “just what new York needs.”  (NYP, March 17, 2008)

FUD’s assessment has changed a little bit: “He’s a terrible governor. He’s done a disservice to the people of New York.” (NYP, March 4, 2010)  FUD goes further on his radio show and almost everyday calls Paterson “incompetent … incapable of telling the truth …a national embarrassment.”

When Spitzer came into office, FUD praised the “Sheriff of Wall Street” for his toughness and moral stands and said: “his first job must be to wage unrelenting war on Shelly Silver and Joe Bruno.” (NYP, November 8, 2006)

Oh, but 18 months later, FUD proclaimed: “I knew he was a fraud and hypocrite from the first day he swaggered into the Capitol.” (NYP, March 13, 2008)

Oldtimers say FUD did the same thing, though with less strident language, with George Pataki and Mario Cuomo. The oldtimers say FUD “falls in love” with pols and then becomes personally outraged when they don’t live up to his expectations.

Soooo….NT2 wonders: How long will the lovefest with Andrew Cuomo continue?

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